Searching For An Understudy To Develop


In my daily search for true essentialism and focus in my role as Founder + CEO of Influencer (INFLCR), I’ve began to come to grips with what I must really focus on each day and what I have to say no to more often.

I’ve realized that it really is NOT about getting more stuff done, but it’s about getting more of the RIGHT stuff done!

It’s not about getting through my to-do list, but its about the fact that the most important thing isn’t even on my to-do list!

I’ve learned a lot and I want to share my learnings with a younger version of myself. Somebody who I can pour into and they can learn fast to help me push our team and our business to maximum impact.

One of the biggest learnings over the past 30 days is how much I need to find an understudy — a naturally-wired operator who can see my vision and execute it alongside me on a daily basis.

Knowing my essential focus is one thing. Finding a key player to support me in executing my essential focus is another. I need somebody to support me on my weekly focus;

Recruiting New Talent

-Creating Content To Attract Talent

-Reviewing Culture Index Surveys + Resumes

-Interviewing + Engaging Qualified Candidates

-Hiring + Onboarding New Employees

Leading + Supporting Business Development

-Building Sales Systems + Infrastructure

-Helping Account Executives Close Deals

-Creating Content For Lead Generation

-Upgrading Current Client Deals

-Incentivizing + Motivating The Sales Force

Serving + Developing Leaders

-Investing “Whitespace Time” To Listen + Interact

-Providing Educational Development + Resources

-Investing In Support Staff

-Fiduciary Guidance

Funding + Runway

-Prospecting New Investment Rounds

-Cash Responsibility + Discernment

-Financial Tracking

-Casting + Recasting Vision

Developing Further Content Around The Vision

-Executing Team Meeting Rhythm

-Reviews + 1-on-1’s

-Investor Updates

I’m looking for an A-Player, who is wired up to support me on this journey in leading INFLCR to become the storytelling content delivery platform that brands utilize to tell their story with their brand ambassadors.

Supporting me on this journey could mean everything from managing my schedule to revising the buildout on our CRM system to redesigning a pitch deck to tweaking my financial model, and in between.

It’s a wide-range role. Previous experience on your own entrepreneurial journey, getting your MBA and/or working in a similar support role for another company, are all things that matter.

But what matters most, is how you’re wired. Can you see the vision? Can you execute alongside me? Can you manage multiple projects in different realms of the business? It’s a startup. Things move fast and the roller coaster is real.

Is this you? Why?

Send me an email and tell me.