My Essentialism Routine For 2019


2019 is here and that usually means new goals, resolutions and other result-based items for the entire year. The majority of these will not "stick" and become another wish that never came true. Sorry, but I've lived it out and so have you.

When I look back at the years where I've had the most success, I've noticed two common denominators. The first, is the fact that the term was short - 90 days seemed to be the "sweet spot".

The second, had to do with the goal or objective being more about activity than a result. Sure, the result needs to be in mind or even spelled out as a longer-term goal. But the initial activity and habit of making it routine, is where the birth of the eventual achievement of the desired result takes place.

For example, it's better to set out to achieve the activity of working out 21 straight days, versus achieving the result of losing 10 pounds, even though the activity is tied to the result.

So as I brought in the new year on the beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico, I decided to set my 2019 plan on activity achieved in a routine executed over the first 90 days of the year.

I came up with a routine that has a foundation of Essentialism, a book I recently read by Greg McKeown, which I highly recommend you read. The ability to focus on less, knowing that it will lead to producing more, is the formula this book will provide for you in every role you play in your life.

My Q1 Routine is a combination of rekindling some old activities that I lost over the past 16 months of building my sports-focused SaaS startup Influencer (INFLCR), along with continuing existing habits and adding some new ones. I've shared an outline below. I hope it helps you in some way and am always open to feedback!

6a to 10a - Start My Day With Spiritual, Physical & Mental Foundation

-Read & Pray through three theological books (the bible)

-Complete 2, 6-Week Strength Workout Periodizations

-Read & Apply three Books to my leadership of INFLCR

LeBron doesn't step on the court and just play! He eats, stretches and prepares intentionally. I must to the above to be prepared to be 100% "ON" for my team as I go in to lead it forward each day!

10a to 6p - Be More Optimal CEO

-Less Than 18 Nights travel away from my family and team in Q1 2019

-Implement 2-3 Hour Daily Calendly To Limit ALL External Meetings To

-Buildout Sales Team + Processes

When I say "yes" to one thing, I'm saying "no" to another. Putting my team and our growth goals first, means that they'll be a trade-off and this will help me determine where those yes's and no's happen.

6p to 10p - End My Day In The Full Presence Of My Family With Gratitude For My Creator

-Eliminate The Phone from my home life

-Learn & Invest Into One New Interest for each of my children

-Sleep For More Than 7 Hours every night

When it's all said and done, this is what really matters. My family means more than anything else and I have to show them not just tell them!