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Jim Cavale

Jim Cavale

Growing up in Syracuse, New York, Jim always dreamed of playing college baseball in the south. After two years of playing college ball in Ithaca, NY, Jim realized his dream by accepting a baseball scholarship to finish his college baseball career at the University of Montevallo (UM), where he graduated in 2005.

In his final year at UM, Jim built a television-radio network for the university, thinking it would feed his passion for sports and broadcasting. However, the experience of building a new broadcast network for UM, made Jim more of an entrepreneur and less of a broadcaster.

Jim loved the challenge of raising money for equipment and technology, learning how to operate it, hiring a team of student-workers and setting a vision that he could lead the team to achieve.

He was hooked.

So upon graduating in 2005, Jim turned down multiple job opportunities to join the sports broadcasting industry as a on-air talent, and instead, started his own company, J.Anthony Productions.

J.Anthony streamed video for the websites of more than 100 college athletics programs all over the U.S., in a time where most people didn't even know what audio or video streaming was or how to get started in doing it.

The majority of these smaller colleges didn’t have their sports events broadcasted on television. So for the first time, their fans could access the audio and video ...