The Practitioner Ep. 005 - It's All About The Launch


We decided to rename my monthly vlog - "The Practitioner". Ultimately, that's what you're getting a chance watch me do - I'm taking massive action by putting the things to work that I've learned in starting and growing businesses.

In this vlog, watch my business trip up to my home state of New York, to meet with key partners for my new startup Influencer (, which I am launching in July 2017.

My Co-Founder and wife, Yazmin, joined me on the trip. We had strategy sessions with VaynerMedia, who is managing the GLOW app's launch in our second market of Nashville, which is also taking place in July 2017.

Also joining us, was our newest GLOW team member, Alie Sockol, who is our Sales and Marketing director that will be based in our new market of Nashville.