Influencer (INFLCR) Athlete Stories - Tiki Barber Talks Athlete Personal Brands + More


Tiki Barber joins the Influencer (INFLCR) athlete ambassador network, with an interview with Founder Jim Cavale.

After a record-breaking career as the Running Back for the New York Giants, Tiki stunned many by choosing to retire at the peek of his playing career. He thinks different than most, because he sees a bigger picture than most.

Tiki realized that he could leave the game on his terms and begin a much longer segment of his professional career as a broadcaster and entrepreneur.

Learn why he made this decision, what he is up to now and many other lessons on various topics including;

-Social Media + Athletes


-Starting Businesses

-Branding + Modern Media

-Leveraging Your Sports Platform


You can learn more about Tiki's successful startups, by visiting Thuzio and Julius on the web.